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As I'm writing this I'm fighting the urge to tell you "Don't be mad if I make mistakes" or "Don't expect much from me, I'm only just starting". I actually want you to expect much from me. I want you to care if I make mistakes. This blog is a learning place, and one way of learning is listening to people who have something to teach me.

My name is Giulia, I'm a 20-year-old writer and journalism student from Brazil. I started learning English on my own when I was 9, and first became obsessed with American TV shows. My cultural references as I was growing up were pretty much based on American artists, so it was natural to understand more and more of the language. It also became natural of me wanting to bring my writing to my second language.

It was only recently, after I got a lot of gringo friends (I'm sorry, but not all of you are American and gringo sums it all up so well) (In Brazil, gringo is slang for foreigner), that I decided to make publishing my writing in English an acual thing. Writing in English to talk to them and also talking to them in video improved my ESL (English as second language) proficiency in probably 100000%. And the fact that you can't know me without me eventually bringing out my writing brought us to this point - after several calls from the public, I am finally putting some of my writing in English out there.

Raindrop is supposed to be a monthly updated personal blog kind of in the same model as my other personal blog, written in Portugese, that I have since I was a wee 13-year-old. (Good news! If you start with Raindrop you'll miss all of my awkward years!) (JK, those aren't over!). Here I put short stories, essays, reviews, super-personal-thoughts-that-I-should-only-take-to-therapy. All of the weird stuff from my weird mind! Rainey (I know, I shouldn't give nicknames to a blog, but that's just who I am) is not the only place where I intend to publish my writing in English but I do intend to link it all here and you can always check my official writer website giuliasantana.com (which is a bilingual chaos) and my portfolio for more info.

Raindrop got its name from the concept that all you need to make a rainbow is Raindrop + Sunshine and the fact that the word Rain was fucking everywhere when I needed to name this thing. So there you go. This is my little Raindrop, a fraction of everything that makes the pool named Giulia Santana. (Oh my God, no one is ever going to read this blog after this intro).


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